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A Quick Update...

...since I haven't given you one in a while (sorry about that).

I've been accepted into the ECE program at Fanshawe College and begin full-time in September, but I've been taking some online courses in the meantime and will have already completed four classes by then. I'm loving it so far, though it's hard getting back into the groove of school and will no doubt be even harder come September.

I've been hired on by Goodlife, in their childcare program where I was previously volunteering. I don't get a lot of hours (I'm only guaranteed one shift, which is three hours, a week, but I pick up extras whenever I can), but it's better than nothing and will look great on my resume. I also just plain love the job - it's nice to know I've finally found my place in the world, and to have it confirmed before I even begin school full-time.

I'm moving into my own apartment tomorrow; my mom and Kent are going to pay for it while I'm in school, though I'm not sure what's going to happen after that. I'm looking forward to having my own space, but it doesn't make the actual moving process any less stressful.

I've cut my dad and Ruth out of my life for good, and am much happier for it.

And finally, my big brother Mark and his wife Trish had their first child back in December; his name is Brandon (Bran for short - guess where they got the name from ;) ) and he is the sweetest, most well behaved little boy I've ever known. I absolutely adore him, and he smiles every time he sees his Aunt Rachel. They've already had me up to Toronto for a weekend to help look after him, and hopefully I'll be up there again sometime soon.

Jul. 13th, 2013

A proper update will be up soon, but in the meantime please allow to me fangirl over the awesomeness of the best scene ever. XD

Very Exciting Update~

I just applied for next year's Early Childhood Education program at Fanshawe College! Everybody keep your fingers crossed for me! :D

Very Important Question

Have any of you had appendicitis, and if so, what was it like?

I've been googling the symptoms, and am worried that there's a good chance that's what's causing the intense pain in my lower right abdomen, but I'm also afraid of waking my mom up at 4am to drive me to the hospital in case it turns out I'm just blowing things completely out of proportion thanks to my anxiety. Maybe I should just do my best to get some sleep (I am pretty tired, but this also fscking hurts, so not sure how successful such an attempt would be), and wait to see if I'm still in pain later before bothering her about it?

EDIT: False alarm - no appendicitis for me. Yet, anyway.

Oct. 29th, 2012

Aaaand the website about anxiety that my psychiatrist wanted me to check out has officially managed to make me incredibly depressed with a single question.

If you wake up tomorrow morning and all your anxiety had magically disappeared, what would you do?

Oh God you guys, my life would be so vastly improved and I would be so much happier if that could happen. But it never ever will. FML.


Another update...

...since it occurs to me that I haven't exactly been keeping people up to date on what's happening. This is just going to be a very quick update though, since I'm about to head over to a friend's house for a Halloween party and won't be back until tomorrow; I'll post more details later, if people are interested.

My step-mom kicked me out of the house, my dad sided with her, and I'm now sleeping in my mom's guest room while I apply for welfare because I have nowhere else to go and my mom doesn't want me in her house. I have a second appointment with the psychiatrist on the 31st, my new meds aren't hugely helping so far but do have a tendency to make me dizzy from time to time which means no drinking at the party tonight (which sucks). I have an appointment at Fanshawe College on the 30th to see about applying for their Early Childhood Education program for the next school year and am utterly terrified about it.


I saw my doctor today, and she's referred me to a psychiatrist who specializes in general anxiety disorders (which I have), and who is covered by my OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program), since I obviously couldn't afford it on my own; with luck, I'll be able to start seeing him next week. She also had me take a little test, the results of which apparently meant I'm likely suffering from depression as well, so it's a good thing I'm going to be seeing somebody. The dosage of my anxiety meds has also been increased, which should be a big help (less helpful is the fact that they will now cost more, and that isn't covered by OHIP).


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